Third Quarter Recap

You could say that the markets took a breather in the third quarter of 2014.  The markets experienced a difficult month of September, giving up some of the gains from the prior eight months and causing investors to worry that we’re about to experience more of the same.

Nobody seems to have a convincing explanation for the recent stock market slump.  The economy still seems to be pushing along in a long slow, steady growth process, and corporate earnings are well-above historical averages.  Oil prices are at their lowest level since November 2012, consumer spending has rebounded, and although the Fed will cease its bond purchases this month, there is no indication that it is going to sell its inventory back on the market, and its policymakers are projecting low interest rates well into 2015.  Corporate cash at larger corporations is near an all-time high.

With the uptick in volatility, does that mean we should take action?

Unfortunately, nobody knows whether the markets are poised to act on the good economic news and move up, or are ready for another fearful selloff that would finally deliver that long-delayed short-term correction.  History tells us that it’s a fool’s game to try to anticipate market corrections, and that investors usually get rewarded for sailing through choppy waters, rather than jumping off the ship when the waves get higher.

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