By partnering with SFA, you can expect rich conversations around the intersection of your life and money.  This discovery process leads to an understanding of your life goals and priorities, which forms the basis for our ongoing relationship and service offerings.

Our services include:

  • Life Transitions:  Whether planned, or unexpected, life transitions such as inheritance, loss of a loved one, settlement, divorce, or career changes are stressful and affect our ability to make good decisions.  Our process bridges both sides of the money equation (the technical “numbers side” and subjective “personal side”) to bring structure and organization, clarity and confidence to help you successfully navigate your life events.
  • Investment Strategies:  We customize deeply diversified portfolios by incorporating your goals, risk tolerance, stage of life and tax situation.  As a fiduciary, we act in your best interest and hire specialist money managers to implement your strategy.  We monitor, rebalance and make tactical adjustments driven by changes in your life and/or economic environment.
  • Estate Planning:  Understanding your wishes regarding tangible and non-tangible assets is the starting point for our estate planning conversations.  From there, details regarding wills, trusts, heath and financial directives, charitable intent are all discussed and coordination with estate planning attorney’s occur to implement your plan.  Your estate plan is reviewed and updated as necessary with estate law changes and changes to your personal situation.
  • Retirement Planning:  This process integrates multiple variables (goals, income, expenses, taxes, inflation, to name a few) to provide a clear picture of your long term cash flow.  We co-create this plan and stress test it, in order to answer “Will I have enough money to last the rest of my life?”
  • Family Focused Strategies:  From children to aging parents, family businesses and intergenerational wealth transfer, ensuring our clients’ families are cared for is one of our passions.
  • Risk Management Planning:  Review, advise and coordinate with insurance experts in the areas of health, life, disability and long term care insurance.


If you have any questions, or would like additional details regarding our services, please call, email, or use our contact form located here