Why A CFP?

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ is a member of a distinguished profession dedicated to serving the financial needs of individuals, families and businesses. Not every person described as a “financial planner” holds a CFP® certification. Most CFP® professionals have earned a four-year college degree in areas such as accounting, economics, business administration, marketing, or finance. Additionally, each has completed an extensive course of study in financial planning at a college or university that has a registered educational program with the CFP® Board. In order to use the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation an individual must meet what the CFP® Board refers to as the four E’s:


  • Examination – An individual must successfully complete the CFP® Board’s comprehensive certification examination.
  • Experience – An individual must acquire three to five years of financial expereince.
  • Ethics – An individual must voluntarily ascribe to the CFP® Board’s Code of Ethics. The CFP® Board may take action if a CFP® professional should violate the Code of Ethics. Such violations could lead to disciplinary action, including the permanent revocation of the right to use the CFP® mark.
  • Education – A CFP® professional must obtain 30 hours of continuing education every two years in areas such as estate planning, retirement planning, investment management, tax planning, employee benefits and insurance.


Our team of CFP® professionals have more than 90 years combined experience. They uphold the highest levels of integrity, knowledge, and commitment to their clients. Come in for a FREE consultation to see how we can help.

Follow this link to visit the Financial Planning Association Website for more information.