Today’s missive is not about the returns, risks or rewards of investing.  It is purely aimed at taking stock of our personal positives and giving thanks for all that we have. 

It may sound callous and materialistic, but we are thankful for the recovery. 

It’s easy to take for granted where we are today in terms of the economy and markets, but we should remember that during the depths of the Great Recession, it was unclear whether or not we would stabilize and rebound or deteriorate into another Great Depression like we did in the 1930s.  Fortunately for us all, we didn’t, and five years later, major market indexes sit at or near all-time highs.

We are thankful that we were born into a world and country that allowed us to chart our own course in life.  We are thankful for the course we chose, and are thankful for the blessings it has brought.

We are thankful that our world has dreamers who take risks to make their dreams come true.  We are thankful for the quasi-mad scientists that are trying to put man on Mars, discover clean and sustainable energy and cure the most-vile of mankind’s diseases.  Amazing things are being discovered every day due to human curiosity and ingenuity, and for that we are truly thankful.

We live in a world where we can have a conversation and share documents with someone in Australia with a couple of mouse clicks.  We are printing in three dimensions, and we rarely ever get lost because we have an on-demand map on our phones.  For this last technology, we are especially thankful!

We are thankful that as our kids grow up and don’t like the path that their lives are on, they can change it with enough will and effort.

Finally, we are thankful for you.  Thank you for your trust.  Thank you for your partnership.  Thank you for your friendship. We don’t take this responsibility lightly, and it means a lot to us that you have entrusted us to help you and yours reach your financial goals. 

May your cup overflow with joy and peace this Thanksgiving.  Thank you.