Tax Season Important Dates and Information


We are in the heart of income tax season, any W2 earned income statements were due January 31st. You should have received yours by now, however,  he deadline for 1099 mailings is February 28th. As you begin to tackle your 2011 tax returns please note the below dates to help you plan accordingly. As always, please feel free to call with any questions or concerns.

•SEI will postmark 1099-Composite forms by February 28, 2012

•TD Ameritrade 1099-Composite were postmarked February 15, 2012

•Bellatore 1099-Composite forms were postmarked February 15, 2012

•For those of you eligible and planning to make a 2011 retirement plan contribution, we recommend getting those checks to our office by April 9th. You officially have until the tax filing deadline of April 17th this year, but we prefer to send those in sooner than later.

•If you are anticipating a large tax refund consider talking with us so that you can put your money to better use.


Evan S. Russell, CFP®, Stacy L. Rerick, CFP®, Ronald E. Wilkinson, CFP®