Spring at SFA

It’s spring, and with it comes a new on-line look for SFA as well as fresh perspectives for the firm. We invite you to pursue our new website. Our goal was to create an easily navigated uniform site that presents our mission without overwhelming.

Over the past year we have collected feedback from you, streamlined our systems and strived to gain a deeper understanding of your needs. The overarching thread that ran through your feedback was the importance of our personal relationships. But we also received some great suggestions! We listened as much as we talked.

You told us you didn’t like our Website so we updated it. You asked for more clear and concise financial education and we are delivering it through town halls and timely topic articles. You asked for more graphics and visual presentations, we enhanced our meeting handouts to include ‘Mind Maps’, charts and graphs.

We hope you enjoy the features and pages where you can find timely topics related to your well-being and wealth. To keep current on industry news check out the ‘Financial Headlines‘ located in the drop down menu under the ‘Resources‘ tab. Also under the “Resources” tab you will find an archive of our “SFA Timely Topics” articles. If you are looking for a good book you might click to our ‘Recommended Reading‘ section which is located in the drop down menu under ‘Resources‘. If you love our new look perhaps you would ‘Tell a Friend‘ found beneath the ‘About‘ section. Peruse and enjoy!

We welcome any feedback, please drop us a note using the ‘Connect With Us‘ button. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

We hope you will visit us on-line at www.sfainc.us.

Happy spring!


Evan S. Russell, CFP®, Stacy L. Rerick, CFP®, Ronald E. Wilkinson, CFP®