SFA Newsletter Q2 2018

Hard to believe we’re half way through 2018 already!  It’s been a much bumpier ride than 2017, as the markets return to a more “normal” state of volatility.  Many of you have asked about the effect of the “trade war” with China and others, so we’ve included an article explaining how the markets, with strong fundamentals and earnings, have mostly shrugged off the noise in the media.  Especially in times of turmoil, it’s important to stay focused on your long-term goals and the things you can control.  Enjoy your summer and try to stay cool!


How to Manage a Financial Windfall
July 11, 2018
An astounding 70% of inter-generational wealth transfers fail by the time they make it to the…
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Stock market shrugs off Trump’s trade war
July 10, 2018
What trade war? Investors on Monday continued shrugging off fears that President Trump’s…
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