2014 Final Contributions Deadline

As March draws to a close, we hope April will bring even sunnier, warm weather our way.  Whatever the weather, April certainly brings us tax submission deadlines.  For those of you eligible and planning to make final 2014 retirement plan contributions, we are requesting all contributions be received in our office by Monday April 6, […]

Equity Institutional Update

Please disregard any recent correspondence from Equity Institutional regarding your SFA Commercial investment, especially letters pertaining to fair market valuations or notes maturing. We recently discovered that the fair market valuation forms sent to Equity Institutional on your behalf were misinterpreted, resulting in incorrect values being reported as of 12/31/2014. We are rapidly working to […]

Important 1099 Information

We want you to have accurate and timely information throughout the tax season.  As of 1/31/2015, all 1099R documents (only generated for retirement accounts that had distributions in 2014) have been processed and mailed. Due to IRS extended deadlines for custodians, all other 1099’s will be mailed by 2/28/2015. Expect to receive them by March […]

Treading Water

Treading Water Remember during swimming lessons, one of the tests for completion was to tread water for a set period of time? It was probably only a 2 minute test. However, for both the swimmer and the observer, it was tiring, and it felt like an eternity. Most major U.S. stock markets have been treading […]