In Recognition of Financial Literacy Month

We know that knowledge is power, so in recognition of National Financial Literacy Month we are sharing a few bits of it that we like. As we consider the market this week, and a few possible life/money transitions you, or someone you know, might be facing, it might be helpful to have a few resources […]

Spring at SFA

It’s spring, and with it comes a new on-line look for SFA as well as fresh perspectives for the firm. We invite you to pursue our new website. Our goal was to create an easily navigated uniform site that presents our mission without overwhelming. Over the past year we have collected feedback from you, streamlined […]

14 Big Changes for Tax Years 2011-2013

Some changes have already happened, some will happen this year if Congress doesn’t act, and then there’s next year…none of them will lower your tax bill… Already Gone–The first five items to watch expired at the end of 2011: 1. The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) Patch-going forward, this could mean millions will pay the AMT […]

The Path To An All Time High For Dow May Be Bumpy

The path to an all-time high for Dow maybe bumpy–the coast is far from clear… Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012. The Dow Jones industrial average closed above 13,000, the first time since May 2008, four months before the financial crisis. Now that the Dow Jones industrial average has closed above 13,000, an all-time high is in […]

Market Brief: A Done Deal… Again.

Market Brief: A Done Deal…Again. In a last minute deal, European Finance Ministers and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreed to give Greece another round of bailout loans aimed at avoiding what would have likely been a default in March. The bailout total is about $170 billion, a heavy price to pay to bail out […]

Tax Season Important Dates and Information

Hello, We are in the heart of income tax season, any W2 earned income statements were due January 31st. You should have received yours by now, however,  he deadline for 1099 mailings is February 28th. As you begin to tackle your 2011 tax returns please note the below dates to help you plan accordingly. As […]

Old Market Wisdom

Market wisdom that withers on a closer look NEW YORK – Everybody knows that January predicts the stock market’s direction for the year and that the best time to sell stocks is at their spring peak. And among stock market experts, it’s a sure bet that the market will soar in the year before an […]